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Fairy Tale Mail: 12 Month Subscription

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Welcome to Fairy Tale Mail!  Fairy Tale Mail is an imaginative subscription card service for kids.  Each month, a handmade card will be sent to the recipient from a fun, child friendly character.  The messages will be uplifting and positive, and can be better personalized by filling out the optional questionnaire.  What child would not want to find a special card addressed to them every month?!  I don't know about you, but I still love getting mail too.

First card will arrive in 4 to 8 weeks after subscription is ordered.  This primarily depends on when in the month the order is placed.  Feel free to send an email if there is any question about when the first card will arrive.

This listing is for the 12 month subscription ONLY.  There is a separate listing for 6 months.  Also, if interested in sending the child an extra special bonus, a sticker sheet can accompany the card each month for $1 more per month.  There is no additional shipping fee; all cards will be stamped and addressed to the child directly.


Optional Fairy Tale Mail Questionnaire to be filled out after purchase only.