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Chalkboard Chicken Milk Bottles

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Selling the leftovers from my daughter's birthday party!  Please read the DIY Blog post for details.  

11 total hand painted chalkboard chicken silhouettes on upcycled Starbucks Frappuccino bottles.  Look like vintage milk bottles to me!    Lids are spray painted with white enamel paint and have grommets (7 red, 4 looser/smaller white) to hold the straw in place.  We ran out of red.  The white grommets could be glued in for a sturdier fit without any problem.  These are HAND WASH safe!  We have been using our bottle A LOT and have had no additional wear to either painted surface.  Just don't scrub them too hard.  :)

NOTE:  A couple may have light scratching to the chalkboard surface and/or the paint on the lid.  This is merely from moving about.  

Including 2 extra lids and 5 extra white grommets.


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