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Sunflowers for Ukraine Pocket Letter

Like many, my thoughts have been constantly with those in war-torn Ukraine and the Russians that suffer the sanctions in efforts to get Putin to stop.  It is always the common man that suffers when those in power make these decisions and I feel so helpless to help those in need. 

I want to give a huge shout out to my sister-in-law and her husband in Romania.  They have been aiding some Ukrainian women and their children fleeing the country, helping provide shelter and offering assistance getting them to family within western Europe.  I hope they know how utterly proud I am of them and of the others within the border countries for offering such selfless help.

Gecko Galz released a new collage set called Sunflowers for Ukraine.  The shop owner Leanne is donating 100% of the proceeds to Samaritan's Purse relief efforts in Ukraine.  To deal with my own feelings on this atrocious war, I used some of the sunflower images from the collage set to create this pocket letter.

I found quotes that embody strength without trivializing what that strength costs.  I wanted my project to recognize and honor the will that pushes them on despite the horrors and fear that engulf them.  Anyone can say my thoughts are with you but I wanted to honor and acknowledge that their strength is so much deeper and heavier (and life changing).  I am broken on their behalf and in awe of the strength they must endure to face each moment.  This is my tribute to them.

One of the design team members, Carole Jones, has offered to donate £2 per card to the Red Cross Relief efforts posted in the album Sunflowers for Ukraine in the Gecko Galz Papercrafting Challenge Group on Facebook.  I have also agreed to match her pledge.

I distressed the edges of all sunflower images, using lined children's writing paper for the background.  In fact, it was a piece my youngest L had written the numbers on and then balled up to trash.  You can see some of her written numbers on the 1st and center cards.  For the bits of paper that tore, I added a bold black and white paper to peek through.  The quotes were typed on my computer with American Typewriter font.  I used bits of torn newspaper on a few cards and doilies cut from vintage book pages.  The two butterflies are from the La Vie En Rose digital collage sheet.

If you are also dealing with your own thoughts and feelings with this devastating conflict, you are welcome to comment and share.  Much love to you all.  xx

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  • My heart breaks for your suffering. I pray this war will end soon.

    Sandra Kulik
  • I love your pocket letter. Beautiful 😍. The quotes are perfect. I’ve been watching way too much news and my heart goes out to the Ukrainian people. I pray every night that there will be an end soon. You’ve inspired me to create something with a new sunflower journal kit I just downloaded. I can’t do much, but I can create. Hugs to you and your family in Europe.

    Joan Howaniec

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