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Tutorial: Spooky Spinner and Coloring Wednesday

Many people vocalized interest in the fun spinner card I made as a member of the Guest Design Team for Kindred Stamps's newest release TODAY!  I hope this blog will show you how easy it really is to replicate this technique, and how fun it is to play with!  In my previous blog post, I showed all of the fun cards and the treat bag I created using this super fun Spooky Family stamp set.  

I will review quickly how I colored Wednesday Addams since many of you commented what colors I used and vocalized the difficulty that can come with black-on-black coloring.  If you look at the images below, I captured the Copic color I used in each of the images, as I added color.

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #spookyfamily #addamsfamily #wednesdayaddams #copiccoloring #shading #technique

Next, I shaded OUT from the center of her dress using C3.  I was able to pull enough color from the center without needed to mid-tone between 100 (black) and C3. 

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #spookyfamily #addamsfamily #wednesdayaddams #copiccoloring #shading #technique

Shade out carefully.  I did add more black to the center after shading out and removing some of the ink.  C7 is the next darkest shade I have, and this works really well if you do not want to use 100.  Forgive me, but I did not take pictures of the arms, but I used either C7 or C5 at the bottom of her sleeve, and, again, shaded up toward the highlight using C3.  I hope this helps give you a good idea of my technique.  As far as her braids, I chose NOT to shade them at all, to maintain a solid definition between her hair and her dress.  I shaded and added highlight to her hair as normal.

 #thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #spookyfamily #addamsfamily #wednesdayaddams #copiccoloring #shading #technique

You can see that I am still learning the best way to shade, but the images are fairly consistent.  The top image was shaded INTO the center of her dress -- the definition of her braids is much harder to see.  The bottom two images were shaded OUTWARD, and it makes a substantial difference in my opinion.

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #spookyfamily #addamsfamily #pugsleyaddams #copiccoloring #shading #technique

With Pugsley, you can see the differences in my shading from my first attempt and subsequent try.  I think both look great, and figured the difference would not be truly noticeable in the spinner.  After fussy-cutting out the images, I did hold the images back-to-back and trimmed the images to match as best I could.

Now on to assembly!! As you will see in the next couple images, I used a large Stampin Up chevron stamp to cover the entire front panel, using three graduating shades of grey dye ink to create an ombre effect.  I did not want to achieve a solid chevron image, and left it somewhat splotchy intentionally. Next, I chose a die that was large enough for the sibling pair to suspend side-by-side and cut that from the front of the card base (seen below in white) and the card's front panel (that had the chevron image).  After positioning the two within the open area, I cut long lengths of invisible thread and washi taped them at the top and bottom edges of the card front.  I cut pieces of Scor-tape the lengths of the spaces between the open window above and below, and secured the thread beneath the tape, as seen below.  Then, it was just a matter of removing the backing to expose the double-sided sticky top and adhere my top panel (with extra glue/adhesive) on top of this card base, thus sandwiching the thread between the two layers.  I trimmed the thread flush to the card, and, voila!, spinner thread in place!!

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #spookyfamily #addamsfamily #spinnercard #technique #behindthescenes

I chose sentiments from the Spooky Family stamp set for the card front, using my darkest grey for the top sentiment, "normal is an illusion", and added a pop of color by stamping the remainder in orange.  Next, I played with the placement of the background image for the spinner elements that would be stamped INSIDE the card.  This haunted house stamp is from Studio Calico, as well as the crescent moon that I used.  The bat is from the Spooky Family set.

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #spookyfamily #addamsfamily #spinnercard #technique #behindthescenes

Finally, it was spinner time!  (NOTE:  Don't do what I did--place scrap paper underneath to catch any glue that may squish out when adhering the images to the thread.  Of, simply use a dry adhesive.  It did not ruin the card, but it did cause a slight darkening to the haunted house image behind.  Not a huge deal, but learn from my mistake.)  I used Scor-tape to adhere the image to the thread, since it is a very strong adhesive, then used a bit of multi matte medium to fully adhere the two images together.

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #spookyfamily #addamsfamily #spinnercard #technique #behindthescenes

After that, I added a few drops of Nuvo Crystal Drops in Ripened Pumpkin and DONE!!  

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #spookyfamily #addamsfamily #spinnercard #technique #behindthescenes

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #spookyfamily #addamsfamily #spinnercard #technique #behindthescenes

I hope this eases any fears you have of attempting this super fun card style.  The construction is really very basic--I would love to see what you decide to try!  Let me know if you found this tutorial helpful, and comment with any other fun card styles you would like to see explained.  I would love to help!




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  • Those spinners are really cute!

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