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MFT Design Superstar: Innovation Master entry

I began coloring the sweetest little dragons from My Favorite Things set titled Magical Dragons for Day 20 of The Daily Marker 30 Day coloring challenge.  I finally finished coloring today and assembled a card that I envisioned after buying this set.  #thefrolickingfairy #mftstamps #magicaldragons #copiccoloring #kathyrac #thedailymarker30day

I simply adore their sweet expressions and had a lot of fun coloring them!  I think these shades of seafoam green are precious on them!  I added a spot speckling of the darkest shade to their foreheads, backs, and limbs for added interest.

So, those of you that "know" me, understand my silly view at life.  So, the moment I saw that adorable little dragon with the "who me?" expression, I knew he was thinking that because, well, he must have farted.  Yup.  You see, one of those clouds of smoke is really a fart cloud.  That tiny little knight just scared that fart right out of that dragon.  That is how I developed this slider card.  I needed two slider channels in the track for both the knight "popping" out to defend the (not too scared looking) princess, and the surprised fart produced by that poor, sweet dragon.  I went through a million ideas of ways to do this, and settled on the scene you see pictured below.  I was going to add the flying dragon to the cloud as well, but I much preferred the simpler look of just the one startled dragon.  

#thefrolickingfairy #mftstamps #magicaldragons #copiccoloring #kathyrac #thedailymarker30day #fart #farts #fartsarefunny

#thefrolickingfairy #mftstamps #magicaldragons #copiccoloring #kathyrac #thedailymarker30day #fart #farts #fartsarefunny

I absolutely love how this card turned out.  :)  Let's all be honest, farts are funny.  And, we all do it--even this precious little dragon.  ...xo

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