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Kindred Stamps November Blog Hop

The next Kindred Stamps release is almost here!!  This November release is packed with amazing sets (as usual).  I was lucky to get to play with three sets this month - RBG, Holidays are a Nightmare, and Candy Man.  Since the Nightmare set has already had the sneak peeks posted, I will share those cards with you here.

I seem to attract some difficult sets to color and shade, and really embrace the challenge, learning so much in the process!  This set consists of 4 large characters, a ghost dog, and jack-o-lantern.  There are four great sentiments that are perfect to mix with other Kindred Stamps sets as well (think Horror Cuties!).

I shaded, shaded, shaded to get that green sack monster just right.. and had to carefully add highlight around the skeleton's eye sockets to create the hint of depth.  I thought it would be fun to accentuate the stitching on the sewn together lady, adding a few extra lines of stitching for effect.  The Santa, ghost dog, and pumpkin were pretty straight forward -- the ghost dog being the bigger challenge of the three.

As usual, I wanted to push my limits and try cards designs that are new to me.  You will see them below - a basic card style with super funky tie dyed background (tutorial to follow), a flip flop card (using just a standard circle die), and a tented tealight card!!  No special dies were used, only standard shapes.  These are not super difficult, just require a bit of attention of placement and scoring.

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #holidaysareanightmare #boogiemonster #skeleton #stitchedgirl #ghostdog #jackolantern #meanttobe

For the flip flop card, I stamped the ghost dog on vellum and used the reverse side for the card.  I loved the look the transparency of the vellum gives, accenting his ghostly character.  To create this card, simply cut a standard piece of cardstock in half, resulting in a piece 5.5" x 8.5".  Fold the card in half to create a side-folding A2 sized card.  Next, lightly pencil in the center of the card front, at 2 1/8" (half of 4.25") and again roughly 1.25-1.5" from the fold.  Take your shape die (any shape would work), and line up the center of the die with the center line of the card front. Partially cut the shape, leaving the area BETWEEN your pencil marks uncut!!  So, cut from the center line TOWARD the open edge, and then from the line closest to the fold TOWARD the fold.   AGAIN, DO NOT CUT THE AREA BETWEEN THE TWO PENCIL LINES.  :)  Then, score your lines above and below your shape and boom!  Flip flop success!

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #holidaysareanightmare #boogiemonster #skeleton #stitchedgirl #ghostdog #jackolantern #meanttobe #santa #christmas #flopcard

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #holidaysareanightmare #boogiemonster #skeleton #stitchedgirl #ghostdog #jackolantern #meanttobe #christmas

I love how easy this card was to put together (despite having to remake it.. the first vellum layer I used warped something awful!).  I will share this card style in a future blog post, so please subscribe to my email list to get an update!

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #holidaysareanightmare #boogiemonster #skeleton #stitchedgirl #ghostdog #jackolantern #meanttobe #santa #christmas #flopcard

Such a pretty glow!

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #holidaysareanightmare #boogiemonster #skeleton #stitchedgirl #ghostdog #jackolantern #meanttobe #santa #christmas #flopcard

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Until next time, sweet people.. xo


#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #holidaysareanightmare #boogiemonster #skeleton #stitchedgirl #ghostdog #jackolantern #meanttobe #christmas


  • What copic colors did you use for these stamps? I am terrible at figuring out colors. I also see you have great colors for the beast catchers and the masters of magic. Are you willing to share your combinations? I just love these stamps, but not the best with coloring. Your cards are wonderful! Thank you, Andrea Sullivan

  • The flip card is so clever. Great for this set. :) —storymusicgirl

  • These are awesome! Love the tea light card!! So cleaver!

    Becca Ann
  • Love the tie dye background! Fabulous coloring!

    Cammy Wall
  • The Tea light candle card is my fav!!! So very cool!!!

    Robin R Francini

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