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Kindred Stamps January Release - Royal Throne

Happy New Year!!  Wow, this past month has been a blur with the holidays and my daughters' birthdays.  I've been busy with family and so ready to dive into the Kindred Stamps January release!!  And, boy, is it awesome!  Please make sure you read all the through to the bottom to find the details for the Blog Hop and how to win some Kindred cash!!

I am honored (yes, honored) to have gotten to work with two new 6" x 8" stamp sets -- Royal Throne and Heirs to the Throne.  I will be showcasing my card makes for the former set today.  (Be sure to subscribe below to be notified when I blog about the second set later.)

The Royal Throne set is comprised of 4 character images, 3 accessory images (if you include that incredible throne), and a mixture of mix and match sentiments, that could feasibly create up to 7 different sentiments.  The script used in a few of the sentiments is beautiful, and a few of them could easily be used with the sister set Heirs to the Throne.

I chose to focus on the character images themselves and created four different cards.  I will share the Copic colors I used for each of the images below the card images, but, as always, comment below or email me if you have any specific questions.  

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The Dwarf: Hair/Boots E49 E29 E57; Goblet Y28 YR23; Clothes E47 RV69 R59 Y28

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #royalthrone #heirstothethrone #ironthrone #king #queen #dwarf #knight #winteriscoming #copiccoloring

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #royalthrone #heirstothethrone #ironthrone #king #queen #dwarf #knight #winteriscoming #copiccoloring #chokedup

The King: Hair E43 E50 Y21; Crown Y00 Y28; Clothes Y28 C3; Boots/Leggings/Sash E49 E79

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #royalthrone #heirstothethrone #ironthrone #king #queen #dwarf #knight #winteriscoming #copiccoloring

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #royalthrone #heirstothethrone #ironthrone #king #queen #dwarf #knight #winteriscoming #copiccoloring

The Knight: Hair E33 E43 Y21 E50 E53; Armor Y00 Y28 E40 E71 E47 W5

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #royalthrone #heirstothethrone #ironthrone #king #queen #dwarf #knight #winteriscoming #copiccoloring #loveyoulikeabrother

(And my favorite card from this set is below.  The throne is awesome, and the perfect size to stand alone or with another character.  It really wasn't too terribly cumbersome to color, but I wanted to vary the tones in the swords.  So while it did take some time, it wasn't bad.  I did start by coloring the entire throne with a layer of W1, my lightest shade, and added swipes of the other colors until I was happy.  I hope this tidbit helps.)

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #royalthrone #heirstothethrone #ironthrone #king #queen #dwarf #knight #winteriscoming #copiccoloring

The Queen: Hair E43 E50 Y21; Skin E00 E000 R00; Dress YG67 G99 E33 Y28

Throne: E15 W1 W3 C2 C3 C5 (The brown tone creates the illusion of rust on some of the swords.)

. . __________________ . .

Thank you for joining us in celebrating this month's release! We know a lot of you have been hoping for sets inspired from times when dragons wandered the earth freely and dire wolves once again moved amongst this land. We brought that to you, and then some. We brought spooky things from the deepest depths of the oceans, and we captured the night sky for you. All you need to do now is to let your inspiration reign! Where will these stories take your crafting?Before your craft table takes you to the many planets of our solar system, let us take you to the blogs for our Creative Team Members and that of our Guest Designer. Everyone is excited to provide you with a sample of their work and to talk about some of the products they used as well as their thought process.

On your journey, if you comment on each person's blog post, you will be eligible to win store credit for a future purchase! You must comment on each person's blog, as well as the blog post for Kindred Stamps. The winner will be chosen Friday night, 1-12-18, around 9 pm EST.We thank you so much for your enthusiasm! We can't wait to see what you're inspired by, but remember, if you are inspired by something pop culture related, please refer to our stamp set names on social media and avoid using the actual show or character names. It is very important that we do not step on copyright toes! Thank you ever so much!

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Remember to subscribe below to get my next blog featuring Heirs to the Throne emailed directly to you!  Easy peasy!  And I'd love to know which of these four cards is YOUR favorite!  I've already shared mine.  Until next time.. xo


#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #royalthrone #heirstothethrone #ironthrone #king #queen #dwarf #knight #winteriscoming #copiccoloring


  • You’re so talented I love your coloring. And the sentiments really make the cards. Great choices

    Rachael Rife
  • Oh my ! That’s such a cool set of cards !

    Marjorie DUMONTIER
  • I laughed so hard at your card! “loved you like a brother” HAHAAHAH! Great coloring and composition!

    Bethany Duff
  • I love these cards!

    Amanda Stevens
  • I love so so so much your cards. They are hilarious. I wish we had fun sets of stamps like these in France.

    Cindy Gues

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