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Guest Blog: Ant Max

I want to take this time to first introduce the sweet person guest blogging with me today.  Ant is an incredibly supportive person throughout social media, offering words of encouragement to many in the crafting world.  He spends a lot of time researching new products and attending shows, absorbing all he can to expand his knowledge in this craft and share it with his followers.  I encourage you to check out Ant on IG with the handle @maximusantonious.

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It Started With Just One

A guest post by
Antonious Maximus

Strolling through my feeds, I see the most adorable flower girl card and it begins again.  I had to have that stamp.  It also sparked adoration for the influencer and the company she was showcasing that day.  Another amazing crafty friend made. 

Once again I'm reminded, my stamping obsession and collection, as it sits now, was started by the need for just one stamp.  My first stamp is long gone but the one that rekindled the fire years is still tucked safely away in a box.  It resulted in a crazy expensive invite to coffee that weighed a ton because of all layer elements, but I was beaming when it was done, worth every penny, even though the receiver didn't respond.

Now I won't say I have the biggest collection.  But, it's big enough I saved up to buy a multi draw tool chest to hold a bunch of it so it's easier to work with, but there are still boxes that I know will be full again soon.  Luckily, I have room for a few more drawer units, sort of.  I'm hoping I can get a bigger space someday or that my crafty supplies topple over and consume me happily, belching a large poof of glitter in satisfaction.  Yes, the stash is a living breathing organism that assimilates everything in its path, but I am constantly preparing for the inevitable crafty apocalypse when it arises.  Also, I have several projects I am attempting to work through, some more successfully than others, that have been sitting for months and years.

As you may have guessed, the card in question was posted by Marcia , The Frolicking Fairy, and the flower girl was from Picket Fence Studios, a beautiful simple card.

Now The Frolicking Fairy (and The Farting Gnome) name made me wonder, which one am I like?  My answer:  I think I am a Frolicking Farter, but I am a unicorn after all. If you need sprinkles, I'm your guy .

Which stamp was your gateway stamp? What kind of magical stamper are you? Feel free to chime in on the comments below, I'm curious.

#thefrolickingfairy #maximusantonious #guestblog #mystory #craftyobsession #theonethatstarteditall #letmeintroduce #craftyfriends #handmade #monologue


  • My gateway stamp was studio G stamps! Fred Dollar they were a super cheap investment to start, but they came out in sets which made me want to buy the entire set so I wound up spending so much money on all these tiny little stamps LOL

    Amy Hurley Purdie
  • My first was the botanical rose by PSX, and yes, I still have it. That, along with a 6-pack of Tombow markers, and I was off to the races. I am Huff, the magic dragon. I used to color my stamps with markers; you had to “huff” on the ink so it would stay moist enough to stamp your image.

    Linda E
  • Haha, it’s been so long that I have no idea what stamp was my first. I have been making cards since I was a little girl, but I remember a Stampin’ Up party that introduced me to stamp sets that would allow me to create cohesive scenes. It was magic!

    Amanda Stevens

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