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Fairy Art and Day 27 of The Daily Marker 30 Day

I have played with an idea since starting The Frolicking Fairy last April.  I have two wee fairies (my daughters) that are ages 3.5 and 1.5 (or close enough), and I love to let them play with all sorts of art medium and try to not let a potential mess deter me from letting them create.  So, Fairy Art will be a blog feature once a month beginning in October.  I will pick a dedicated date  to share the fun, uninhibited creativity of my toddler daughters.  I simply adore watching them be selective with adding color, mixing on the paper, and looking at their work with thought.  I know that I am partial, but I truly do enjoy their masterpieces.  And let them know how proud I am that they trusted themselves to paint, draw, color exactly how they felt they needed to.  Some of their larger pieces will be cut down (yes, I know, but a mother can only keep so many paintings.. ) and fashioned into simple cards available for you to purchase.  All proceeds from a Fairy Art sale will be set aside for the artists themselves.  In their piggy banks.  So join me in celebrating young art and expression!  And, if so inclined, buy a piece of their works and know that the funds will be used by and for them when they get older.

So, as an introduction to Fairy Art, my eldest daughter A (I will use their first initials) helped make this adorable card for her Nona.  She LOVES to catch frogs and bugs and her Nona brought her a bug house, butterfly net, and magnifying glass on one of her last visits.  This card will share her thanks for that awesome gift!  I offered little assistance in stamping the images, and since she is only 3, I die cut the images despite her pleading to help.  In her defense, she thought placing the paper with the images between the cutting plates was sufficient enough to get the job done.  :)  I let her ink the background of the card, green for the grass and the deeper brownish green ended up being the dirt.  She Copic colored the images and chose where all of the critters would live on the page.  I stamped the sentiment along the bottom, but let her chose which sentiment seemed befitting her card.  She then, of course, proceeded to sign her name within as well as many other messages that only she would be able to decipher.  Needless to say, she is proud of her card, and so am I.

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I love that she felt the need to color the antennae and most of the white space around the bugs too.  The stick belonged in the dirt, you see, and the bug trail she broke by "accident" (she repeated this many times despite my hints that I was sure that was not the case) still were glued down in places of her choosing. 


Now I will share very briefly the card I made for Day 27, using My Favorite Things stamps.  I gold embossed this beautiful rose background and added Festive Berries distress ink to the center of the roses, blending outward.  I love the effect--so delicate and pleasing to the eye.  I decided to mount the panel on a piece of gorgeous light pink glimmer paper and foam mount this panel onto the upper portion of a top-folding A2 card.  Before adhering the top panel, I did gold emboss the sentiment to the lower right of the card front.  I felt it best to keep the elements consistent for this simpler card.  A trio of pink Nuvo Crystal Drops finished the card!  I love it!  

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I would love to hear your thoughts on my new feature, Fairy Art!  What would you like to see?  Comment below and share your ideas!    ...xo

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