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Dreaming of Love Valentines

One thing I miss about libraries are the old library cards.  I can't imagine I am alone there.  I remember in grade school having to sign out books from our elementary library using the ruled library cards found in pockets on the inside book cover.  Technological advances are great, but some things just can't quite be replaced.  :)

The Dreaming of Love digital set from Taylormadecards4u perfectly filled that void.  I created a couple treat sleeves for my daughters using these vintage Valentine inspired library cards and my typewriter.  

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The accent papers on the flap and lining the inside of the treat sleeve are from the Wine Passport Kit.  Simple enough but so fun!  In fact, my daughter enjoyed plunking the typewriter keys after I had finished.  Now to hide these for Valentine's Day!  xo

#thefrolickingfairy #taylormadecards4u #dreamingoflove #vintage #vintagevalentine #librarycard #checkitout #valentinetreats #treatsleeve #typed #typewriter #digitalpaper #papercraft


  • I really love it! Such a sweet project. Love the utility of it! :) great job

  • Great project! There are so many things I miss from when I was young! Love that I can help bring back designs from some of our favorite things!

    Monica Taylor
  • I miss them too Marcia, though I DON’T miss the card catalog. I always liked looking at the library cards to see who had checked out the books before me! Boy, you really went old school if you typed this with your typewriter. I’m impressed! Your project is just adorable.

    Wendy Bellino
  • These are awesome! They are so clever!!!!

    Chrissie Tobas

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