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Day 25 of The Daily Marker and Color Blending a Raccoon

Only a few more days to go until The Daily Marker 30 Day coloring challenge ends!  I really do hope to maintain coloring something (no matter how small) every day.  It is so therapeutic and has really given me some great practice!

This post will not be long, but I've had a few people comment on my coloring on today's posted coloring project.  I used Kindred Stamps's Happy Trails for the two pilgrim children and SugarPea Designs's Indian Summer for the raccoon and turkey.  Unfortunately, I did not jot down my colors for the pilgrims (I'm sorry).  I will note that I did use three colors for their hair (a dark brown, reddish brown, and golden brown for the highlight), and a single ivory color for his shirt, her apron, collar, and bonnet.

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As for the SugarPea Designs critters, I used the same colors for both, just made that super adorable turkey a bit darker brown.  I do not have the colors I used for the headband and feathers, since those can be easy enough to find in your stash and could be varied easily to accommodate the design style of your project.

For the body of the raccoon I used the following Copic marker colors:

E49 Dark Bark
E71 Champagne
E40 Brick White

In order to achieve his furry, fuzzy appearance, you need to saturate your image in ink!  These colors blend well enough, but there is some serious differences in tone.  So, blend, blend, blend!  All that ink saturation will create this mottled effect which is perfect for furry little critters!  I worked from darkest to lightest, pulling all the way through the darkest into my lighter areas.  I did reapply the darker shades after blending out to return any areas of shadow that I may have blended out a little too much.

For the mask and tail stripes, I used the trusty warm grays--W7, W5, and W3.  I lightly outlined the area of the mask around the eyes, since the stamped image lacks any definition there, then simply blended out, using more W3 to blend out than the darker grays.

I added a light rouge to his fuzzy cheeks using R05, and blended out slightly with my lightest body shade, E40.  I did end up having to use my Colorless Blender to help clean up the edges a bit; since the image was super saturated in color, there was some color bleeding outside of the outline.  Make sure to have a piece of paper beneath the colored image to help wick the excess color away.  I always smoosh that area of my image down into the paper beneath after applying the colorless blender to erase stray ink.  It helps push the color down into my scrap paper, making quick work of eliminating, or at least significantly lightening, my mistakes.

For the turkey, I simply used more E49, blended out with E71, and adding just the faintest highlight to his forehead and center belly with E40.

I hope you found my explanations easy to follow.  If you have any questions, please comment below and I will do my best to try to offer assistance.  

Happy Monday!       ...xo

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