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ATC Swap with Beth Duff Designs: Falling for You

This is likely my last ATC (Artist Trading Card) Swap for 2018, and I am wrapping up this year with sponsor Beth Duff Designs!  Beth wanted to play with the hot new ATC COINS for this swap, so keep it round!!  (Read on for details..)

The theme for this October's swap is.. (drumroll) 

Falling for You Coins

The leaves are falling, sorting crunching beneath your feet as the cool, autumn chill starts to blow in.  The cooler weather makes you cozy up with a good book, snuggle your sweetie, and play board games by the fire.  The days begin with coffee and end snuggled in warm blankets watching movies.  Warm spices fill your home, and your bellies are full of the best comfort foods.

Instead of the standard card (2.5" x 3.5"), we will be making Artist Trading COINS!!  ATCoins are 2.5" circles decorated just as you would a card.  A fun shape and something a bit different to add to our swap collections.  The coins still fit in card collector sleeves (and will be returned to participants in sleeves like normal). 

Since Beth Duff Designs is sponsoring this swap, I must ask that you use something from Beth Duff Designs in your project.  You can still use other company's images, sentiments, etc, but Beth Duff Designs needs to be used.  Don't fret if you do not own anything from Beth Duff Designs; Beth has kindly provided a FREE digital download for every participant upon signing up!  The download consists of 2 different images and a sentiment that fit this theme.  You will be promoted to download the file AFTER you submit the sign-up form.

How does this swap work?
1. You sign up by filling in this form.
2. You create 10 identical ATC Coins -- keep one, mail 9
3. Watch this handy packing VIDEO and/or read this ARTICLE on how to properly ship your ATCs.
4. If you choose to ship in a card collector sleeve, place each ATC in the sleeve, and post them in an envelope with proper postage. If you do not ship in a sleeve, that is ok! Refer to the video and/or article on ways to ship them safely. The host has sleeves available for return shipping.
5. Remember to either include postage for return in a standard envelope (a single 2 ounce stamp should be enough) AND $2 participation fee, OR $5 for the host to take care of that for you.  PLEASE include your mailing address WITH your cards if you do not send a self-addressed envelope to make it easier for the host.  Just on a slip of paper or post-it note is more than sufficient.
6. Mail the ATCs, allowing sufficient time for them to reach the host by the due date.

Signups are open from September 8 - September 30, 2018
Swap items are DUE to the host by Saturday, October 20th

I will email all recipients the details of where to send the ATCs after sign up closes (September 30th), but you are welcome to send me a message if you have them ready to send sooner than that.
There is plenty of time for international participation. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery of your ATCs, and you must contact me for postage costs.





Please read my FAQs post for help on what an ATC is, size, and ways to safely ship them.  So far, everyone has done an amazing job!  These are meant to be fun!

I can't wait to see what awesome Coins you create!  Have fun with this, get creative, and let's share some smiles!

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