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And we're live!

To quote my oldest who is 3.. "Let's do this!"

It is time to finally launch this site!  (I've been working off-line trying to prepare for this date.)  There is no time like the present to bite the bullet and get The Frolicking Fairy in flight!  I plan on working on getting more product created and listed, as well as sharing some of my craftiness in the blog.


The Frolicking Fairy handmade card birthday cats kittens three dimensional Lawn Fawn pop up card


Stay tuned for all my fun projects created for my daughter A's 3 1/3 farm party!  Yes, you read that right.  We were in the process of moving and with the holidays (and cooler weather), I decided it would be best to postpone.  Besides, does it really matter what day we celebrate, just as long as she has one day all about her during the year? 

Have any of you done something similar with children or siblings?  Holidays can be enough work on their own.  (And our youngest daughter's birthday is 3 weeks later, right after the new year!  We must have been nuts doing that, eh?  wink)

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