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A Little Mary Poppins

I had purchased the amazing Practically Perfect stamp set from Kindred Stamps some time ago, and I was waiting for the right idea to strike for a card design.  Happily, it did and I am so very pleased with the result.  This card is for a very special person (my mom) and I do hope she loves it as much as I do!  

After coloring this super adorable little nanny, I began to set my scene.  I used the houses, lamppost, and tree from the My Favorite Things set London Mouse.  I cut the clouds with the Puffy Cloud Border Lawn Cuts from Lawn Fawn.  My idea for the card was Mary Poppins floating down from the sky like she does in the movie.  That part of the movie is always so wonderful and magical.  

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After I figured out placement, I began to ink the background using Stormy Sky and Black Soot distress inks.  I didn't want the colors to be too bold, but just add a slight wash of color.  Next, I played with where I would cut my slider track.

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #marypoppins #distressink #behindthescenes #handmadecards

I colored my little houses, with the intent to contribute to the scene but not steal the show from Miss Poppins.  I wanted the colors to be neutral but bold enough hold card together.  I loved adding the glow of lamps behind several of the windows and within the lamppost.  I enjoy some of the finer details.  I placed the bottom cloud and taped down my slider track.  Cutting time!  (Don't you know I double checked everything MULTIPLE times before cutting through the work I'd done to this point.)

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #marypoppins #practicallyperfect #slidercard #handmadecards #copiccoloring #behindthescenes

And just like that, done!  Well, some minor assembly of course.  ;)  I glued the cut piece directly behind the open slider track so the background looks more seamless.  For the slider element, I glued some paper dots together to form a taller "dot" and adhered in two places to prevent Miss Poppins from spinning -- behind her head and umbrella.  I glued the dots to a larger piece of cardstock on the backside of my background to keep sweet Mary from totally floating away!  This is where our beloved nanny begins her journey, only her little feet peeking from behind the cloud.

(Note:  I did use a light cool grey tone to color around Mary Poppins so the bright white wouldn't stand out so harshly against the softer backdrop.  I found this made a big difference.  I chose not to fussy cut entirely around the image for fear that it would leave the umbrella too weak.)

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #marypoppins #practicallyperfect #handmadecards

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #marypoppins #practicallyperfect #slidercard #handmadecards #distressink #mftstamps 

#thefrolickingfairy #kindredstamps #marypoppins #practicallyperfect #perfectineveryway #slidercard #handmadecards

If I didn't explain a part of my card process in enough detail, please leave me a comment below or feel free to send me an email.  Part of the fun of crafting is sharing the passion.   -- xo


  • Is thier out thier that would be willing to sell thier mary poppins stamp?? Thanks

  • Hi, that is a wonderful card. I love it. Hugs from Germany


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